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Omni Technologies sell 20+ Ion Implanter Equipment Moves to a leading Semiconductor Manufacturer for Omni Principal, IES Ltd.

Combined Service and Equipment sales now exceed £4M

Bristol, England, January 13th, 2016: Omni Technologies.
A Service & Equipment manufacturer’s representative for the Semiconductor, R & D and related industries announces sales of over £500K for relocating multiple Ion Implant systems to a new fabrication facility.

IES Ltd is the only company in the world providing both the rigging-equipment and the Engineering skills to move such large hi-tech equipment. The team of specialist Ion Implant Equipment Engineers are experienced in de-installing, moving and re-installing systems from the three major OEM Ion Implant providers. The diverse skillset of this IES team significantly reduces the costs to the customer where IES can work in conjunction with or in place of the separate Ion Implant OEM and rigging companies.

Commenting on this achievement, Niels Morch – Managing Director, IES Ltd remarked: “We have developed IES’s resources specifically to take on projects of this kind and it is very pleasing that the Semiconductor Manufacturers are no longer automatically going to the OEM’s for this type of work. IES is now recognized as a top supplier for de-installing, moving and re-installing implanters as well as providing Field Service Support and holiday cover for virtually all implanter types. We have now added spares inventory for many implanters to support our customers. The support of the Omni-Technologies team has been key in explaining the value of IES to the customer base which has resulted in this excellent business.”

About IES ltd
IES started business 25 years ago as a logistics company specialising in moving high value capital equipment. Over the years IES Ltd. has diversified and grown into an Engineering company with highly skilled Engineers capable of supporting not only Implant tools but technology areas such as furnace, Plasma Etch, PECVD, Sputter and Wet Bench for Semiconductor fabrication. IES also move and install equipment in industries such as Print Press & Pharmaceuticals. IES provide expertise to assist in CE Certification of new equipment or the refurbishment of older tools to meet today’s European standards.

About Omni Technologies
Omni Technologies started business in 2011, initially to promote IES’s Engineering Support. As Omni grew, new Principals from around the world, offering Equipment to the Semiconductor industry, Institutes and Universities were gradually added to the portfolio. Today Omni Technologies represent Meyer Burger (Ion Beam Technology & Inkjet printers for electronics); Alpha Plasma (Resist Ashers & Surface Cleaning Systems for back-end processes); JLS Designs (PVD, Etch, PECVD and Evaporation systems); PlasmaQuest (Remote Plasma Source Sputter tools); EM Resist – (Advanced e-beam and UV Photoresist); Parylene Plasma Systems (for Parylene Deposition) and most recently, Gencoa (Magnetron & Process Gas Feedback Control technology). Omni has also recently launched Benchtop (Vacuum RTP System). Omni continues to take on new principals for synergistic applications in addition to offering Engineering and Equipment Support from IES.

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